Published on 2024-02-28MEFFYS Payment Award 2024 goes to LINK Mobile Invoice

The MEFFYS Payment Award 2024 goes to LINK Mobile Invoice.

LINK Mobility and its payment product, LINK Mobile Invoice, won the MEFFYS award in the Payment category during the MEFFYS Award event in Barcelona.

MEF, the Mobile Ecosystem Forum, organizes the MEFFYS Award annually. MEF is a global trade association whose members are companies with products that enable mobile services such as messaging, content, advertising, payments, and IoT.

This year marks the 19th consecutive year that the MEFFYS Awards have announced seven winners in different categories: ID & Data, Enterprise Communications, Content & Advertising, Global Connectivity, Mobile IoT, Payments, and Personal Contribution. To be eligible for the award, all entries must originate from companies that have made an impact in one of the seven categories. LINK Mobile Invoice was nominated as the most innovative Mobile Payment service in 2023 and won this award.

“With LINK Mobile Invoice, customers can pay when, where, and how they want, choosing their preferred payment method. By partnering with payment providers, we have managed to offer a very simple customer experience,” says Marius Røe, Head of Payment Solutions at LINK Mobility.

He continues; “It's great to get recognition for something we're constantly working on. That LINK Mobile Invoice won at the MEEFYS Award is a milestone and an honor for LINK Mobility.”

Thomas Berge, CEO in LINK Mobility is also proud of the Award “We are proud to win the payment award at MEEFYS for our innovative LINK Mobile Invoice product. At LINK, we continuously focus our activities on solutions enhancing customer value.”

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