Published on 2022-02-03

Specsavers selects LINK Mobility to transform its conversational messaging

Following a competitive procurement process, LINK Mobility (LINK), Europe’s leading provider of mobile messaging communications, today announces it has signed a long-term strategic partnership with Specsavers, a leader in optometry, audiology, and healthcare services. The partnership enables Specsavers to perform conversational messaging and marketing communications over SMS, Rich SMS, and RCS.

Under the terms of the agreement, LINK UK will provide the communication platforms that will transform the way Specsavers communicates and engages with its customers. The five-year deal leverages LINK’s global footprint, supporting Specsavers in multiple countries including Norway, Ireland, Spain, the Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, and the UK.

Applying LINK’s Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS) solutions, Specsavers can send customers personalized communications such as appointment reminders, manage conversational messages related to customer enquiries and distribute company updates and marketing communications.

By integrating Adobe’s Campaign Classic Connector with LINK’s CPaaS solutions, Specsavers can choose to send SMS, Rich SMS, and Rich Communication Services (RCS) messages depending on individual customer preference and the nature of the message being sent. LINK’s technology ensures messages can be easily managed and sent securely by multiple business functions including marketing, CRM, customer service and store teams.

“We are delighted to have been appointed by Specsavers to help deliver its global digital strategy of creating more engaging customer communications. Through the partnership, Specsavers can become a leader in providing real-time and relevant customer communications. By taking advantage of the option to use conversational messaging tools, Specsavers will be able to adopt more innovation and enhance the customer experience, driving better rates of customer satisfaction, sales, and revenue,” says Benoit Bole, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Western Europe, at LINK.

Sophie Smith, CRM Activation Lead at Specsavers, explains why LINK’s expertise will be so important to its success, “In LINK we have found a long-term strategic partner that will support our vision for enhanced customer service and engagement. The team has a proven, global expertise in competitive healthcare and retail markets that we can capitalise on, which positions Specsavers to start delivering on our strategy and enhance our communications with new technologies and capabilities.”

LINK’s CPaaS technology is ranked as ‘an established leader’ by Juniper Research because it can support a multitude of communication channels including new innovations in chatbot and AI communications and can be coupled with the provision of a managed service to brands.

The agreement with Specsavers follows news that LINK has been included in the National Health Service (NHS) SBS Patient / Citizen Communications and Engagement Framework in the UK, acquired Spanish-based Altiria and secured a new agreement with Eversource in the US. These events all reinforce LINK’s standing as a global CPaaS player.