Sergel Connect

Connecting senders with recipients. Connecting sellers with buyers.

SERGEL Connect offers communication and micro payment solutions. We help our customers realize business and create micro payment solutions and effective communication to your customers and employees.

With help of the LINK Mobility team, Sergel Connect has managed create services that greatly benefit our customer base.

Mats Villén

Product Manager, SERGEL

Why we work with SERGEL

Sergel Kredittjänster AB has strong competence and knowledge within communications, payments, and e-fax. Sergel and LINK have collaborated for a long time and know what the market is asking for. Through our partnership, we deliver the best products and services to other companies. This helps us both to get satisfied customers and grow our business together over the years.

-Tobias Pegelius, Senior Partner Manager, LINK Mobility Sweden


Be efficient! You can both easily communicate and charge your customers


As a content provider, you can charge the end customer directly regardless of which operator they have


Get started quickly and start using the easy services from Sergel Connect and LINK