Email remains a strong contender within communications. Maximize the impact with our global email delivery service.

Email Marketing

For communications that need to be more considered, or that need to land a specific message, email is still an essential part of the marketing mix.

Marketing Automation
High engagement
Direct Marketing

Creative Marketing Campaigns

Email campaigns that work for your brand. Create campaigns that encourage recipients to take action, engage with your brand, and help generate leads and sales. Optimize, personalize, and automate your campaigns seamlessly.

Emails can be designed with images and video and scheduled to go to specific customers at a specific time, providing a consistent and regular message to customers.

Engage in a meaningful way

Emails don’t always need to be about selling or a one-way conversation. There are circumstances where customers might want to email for help because that’s their preferred form of communication. Being able to manage and reply to inbound messaging is vital to ensure every email is dealt with in a timely way.

Email Marketing - the advantages

Engage your audience

Email Marketing is a very effective marketing channel, with high engagement and conversion rates

  • Easily reach a large target group

  • Campaigns can be targeted to specific segments and the results can be tracked to the individual recipient

  • Email marketing can provide high ROI rates at a low cost

  • Combine email and SMS to get higher delivery and opening rates 

Email marketing can maximize impact


Make your Emails more relevant with behavior-based automated customer journeys.


Create creative campaigns that encourage recipients to take action and drive leads and sales.


Personalized content can be dynamically adapted to the individual recipient's customer profile, behavior, and interests.

Customer Data

Create segments, retrieve consumption-based data and segment it into your campaigns or customize the content according to past customer behavior.

Key features of email marketing

  • Automation
  • Personalization
  • Simple integration
  • Higher engagement
  • Send rich content and media
  • Froms part of an omnichannel strategy

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