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Send SMS with Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration

Start sending SMS within your Dynamics 365 environment for audience targeting, automated workflows, and personalized experiences that excite.

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About the integration

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What is Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a suite of cloud-based business applications combining CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) capabilities. It offers modules for sales, customer service, marketing, finance, operations, and more.

It helps businesses streamline processes, enhance customer engagement, and make data-driven decisions, all within a unified platform accessible from anywhere.

SMS in Microsoft Dynamics 365

LINK Mobility's SMS integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 streamlines communication processes by allowing users to send and receive SMS messages directly within the Dynamics 365 platform. This integration enhances customer engagement by enabling personalized SMS interactions based on customer data stored in Dynamics 365.

LINK Mobility's native SMS integration seamlessly integrates with Dynamics 365 workflows, enabling automated SMS notifications, reminders, and updates to be sent to customers, improving efficiency and enhancing the overall customer experience.

 Microsoft Dynamics 365 LINK Mobility SMS Connector

How to send SMS with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Start sending today using LINK's Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration.

Send SMS with Microsoft Dynamics 365 by contacting LINK Mobility

Account creation

Configure SMS Provider in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for SMS integration

Configure SMS settings

  • Log in to Dynamics 365 and navigate to Change area > App Settings > SMS Providers.

  • Select "New" and choose LINK Mobility as the provider.


Testing and verification

  • Verify that SMS messages can be sent and received successfully.

  • Ensure that delivery reports and incoming callbacks are working as expected.

Send personalized SMS messages with Microsoft Dynamics 365 by LINK Mobility

Optimization and feedback

  • Make any necessary adjustments or optimizations based on user feedback.

  • onitor the performance of the SMS integration a nd address any issues that arise.

Benefits of our Microsoft integration partnership

Take a look at just some of the benefits to working with LINK Mobility via our Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration.

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Local presence

Our Microsoft Dynamics 365 SMS integration provides you with local messaging support and guidance in your market. Our local presence and expertise will be here to support you every step of the way.

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Personalized campaigns

Engage with your audiences on a personal level. With Microsoft Dynamic's integration, segment and target your audience based on their sociographic preferences or previous purchases.

Secure communications

With GDPR and security top of mind, LINK Mobility's integration with Microsoft Dynamics allows you to keep peace of mind that your data is processed and secured responsibly.

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Familiar tool

Utilize our out-of-the-box integration and get started with ease. By using Microsoft Dynamics, your team will already be familiar with the solution tooling and be able to start producing impactful campaigns in no time at all.

Key features to benefit from

Seamless Communication

Enjoy streamlined communication by sending and receiving SMS messages directly within Microsoft Dynamics 365, ensuring efficient customer engagement

Enhanced Customer Engagement

Utilize personalized SMS interactions based on customer data stored in Dynamics 365, fostering stronger connections and improving customer satisfaction

Automated Workflows

Integrate SMS messaging seamlessly into Dynamics 365 workflows, enabling automated notifications, reminders, and updates, reducing manual efforts and enhancing efficiency

Comprehensive Insights

Analyze SMS campaign performance and reach within Dynamics 365, leveraging data insights and A/B testing to optimize messaging strategies for maximum impact

Timely Triggers

Delight customers with timely and personalized SMS communications triggered by specific events or actions captured within Dynamics 365, improving response rates and driving conversions

Convenient Management

Easily manage opt-in and opt-out requests, subscriber lists, and messaging campaigns directly within Dynamics 365, ensuring compliance and simplifying administrative tasks

Microsoft Dynamics 365 SMS prices

  • Pay as you go
  • When opting to send SMS with LINK in Microsoft Dynamics you will only be billed for the number of messages you send.

"Experience True Personalized Engagement with SMS Integration for Microsoft Dynamics 365"

Revolutionize your communication strategies by leveraging LINK Mobility's robust SMS messaging capabilities within Microsoft Dynamics 365. Seamlessly reach and engage your audience, automate workflows, and deliver personalized experiences.

~ Rune Fjeld, Strategic Partner Manager

LINK Mobility SMS Gateway integrates with Microsoft Dynamics 365

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