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Provide seamless customer service with personalized messages throughout the customer journey.

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Omnichannel strategies that work

Marketers must communicate with customers using messaging services they prefer or risk losing them to the competition/ Marketing and Customer Experience Managers must create engagement and utlize the tools available to them to deliver maximum impact in this new world of omnichannel conversational messaging.

Digital transformation and the adoption of the cloud and hosted applications have become critical - it not only digitizes customer-facing processes but also helps to gather critical insight needed to develop products and services that customers want to continuously use and recommend.

With our platform, SMS, WhatsApp, Viber, RCS, email, and even voice communication can all be orchestrated through one platform.

Connect via all channels

Single platform to connect all of your customers on their preferred channel.

  • Develop campaigns to increase brand awareness, boost traffic, and create leads, all with personalized mobile marketing.

  • Drive engagement and amplify your mobile marketing efforts with all of the channels LINK has to offer, as well as our data-driven insights platform.

  • Use mobile marketing messages for driving traffic, leads and conversions across offline and online platforms. Use it for consent, engaging business-customer dialogue, branding, campaigns, promotions, sales activities, and more.

Marketing Campaigns that deliver

The brands that have adopted a true omnichannel approach to doing business are now having meaningful conversations with their customers in a way that suits them. They have made it simple for people to ask a question and get a near-instant reply.


Engage with your customers at the right time and on the right channel.


Personalize content for your customers based on their preferences.


Reduce queues, wait times and install chatbots to help your customer seamlessly flow through the user journey.


Send rich content, such as images, videos, and product catalogs and increase CTRs.

Data Insights

Improve your data insights. Enhance the customer journey and increase repeat customers.

Our Services

LINK has a variety of products and services that can help across the value chain in the logistics industry.


85% of customers prefer to receive an SMS compared to an email or phone call.

SMS is ubiquitous as it doesn't require a data connection. SMS does not require an app to be downloaded or updated and is available globally to anyone with a mobile device.

SMS is perfect for communicating with customers, whether it is for sending notifications, promotional campaigns, or coupons and discount codes.

Add Google Verified SMS to add a trust dimension to your campaigns.

WhatsApp Business API

In many countries, the preferred communications channel is WhatsApp. It is quick and easy to communicate whilst on the go. WhatsApp is now being adopted by enterprises so they are available where their customers are.

Sending relevant and personalized communications to opted-in customers using this channel is easy.

With a verified WhatsApp Business account, customers are safe in the knowledge that your messages are to be trusted and are secure.


Create high engagement and satisfaction

Messages can be both transactional or promotional – text only or include multimedia content like images, buttons, or stickers

Automate your conversations with chatbots and allow the conversation to flow 24/7

Create an engaging and branded business profile. With a power search, users can find your brand and start direct conversations with you.

Rich Communications Services

Rich Communications Services (RCS) is essentially SMS 2.0! Create a powerful marketing campaign that increases engagement with your customers. RCS is available within the native SMS app on Android devices and allows customers to be fully immersed in a branded experience with rich content such as images, videos, locations, and much more with powerful CTAs.

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