Omnichannel Notifications

Keep your customers updated in real-time.

Operational efficiency

Keep your business running smoothly by sharing updates, changes, and reminders to customers.

Share relevant informationStrengthen your customer service by sharing information that your customers care about and need to know
Communicate efficientlyBy communicating on the channels that your customers prefer, you can reliably and effectively connect with end users. Mobile messages have some of the most reliable read-rates.
Operational efficiencyKeep your business running smoothly by sharing updates, changes, and reminders to customers.

How can notifications be used?

Interact with customers effectively and reliably through their preferred messaging channels.

Customer Care

Send valuable real-time information alerts to customers.

Send alerts about changes in opening hours, delivery location, status updates, confirm a purchase or appointment reminders. Customers can also receive parcel notifications to ease the delivery process, as well as invoices to ensure you get paid on time.

Appointment Reminders

Reduce 'no-show's.

Use messaging for confirmations, cancellations, activations, reminders, and alerts across business areas.


Protect your systems and customers.

Provide security to clients with status notifications of bank transactions, updates on daily banking, or flag suspicious activity. You can also send a one-time password or use two-factor authentication.

Mission-critical notifications are key in times of a crisis; not only do we serve brands and companies, but we also help governments and non-profits. Turn a notification into a conversation.

Massive Opportunities

Sending notifications over mobile channels presents huge opportunities for brands. Personalized notifications improve the customer experience and in turn drive action.

  • Delivery status updates

  • Product information

  • Real-time stock updates

  • Promotional notifications

  • After-sales support notifications

  • Value-add enhancements

Which channels can be used?

Notifications can be sent using any channel of choice which is preferred by your users. Here are some examples.

SMS provides global reach

Unparalleled open rates, with high response rates. SMS is ubiquitous meaning there is no need for app downloads or dependency on data connections.

Using SMS for notifications is easy. Integrate SMS into your existing platforms and applications using our API documentation. Send outbound notifications with branded sender ID, or use a long number from a local market to enable replies.

WhatsApp for richer experiences

Branded and interactive customer experience is made easy with WhatsApp.

Use WhatsApp for sending notifications. Businesses can send proactive notifications on the channel for example, appointment reminders, stock updates, personalized recommendations, information on new products, and personalized news updates through the WhatsApp Business API.

RCS for engagement

Increase interaction and engage in real conversations.

Improve engagement levels and interact with your customers. Notifications don't need to be transactional, they can lead to conversations and the collection of valuable customer insights.

Sending RCS for notifications allows for increased conversions and click rates as well as offering a truly branded experience. Send your notification with additional CTAs to increase your brand exposure and encourage customers to return to your site.

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