How your business can use Viber Business Messaging

Edee Carey2021-06-30

Now that you know what Viber Business Messaging is and what its benefits are, you might be curious about how you can use it.

Not only can Viber be used for reminders and notifications, it can also be used for customer service and marketing use cases.

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Messaging Types

In the previous article on Viber, we talked briefly about one-way and two-way messaging.

One-way messaging means businesses deliver direct messages to customers without having the ability to reply. This is great for:

  • Flight updates

  • Shipping status

  • Payment confirmations

  • Security alerts

  • Payment notifications

  • Promotional offers

Two-way messaging offers a dialogue with customers. Businesses can send messages to them or have them initiate a conversation with the business. Some examples of this include:

  • Customer service

  • Promotional offers and coupons

  • Respond to inquiry about promotion

  • Answer questions about ticket

  • NPS and customer satisfaction surveys

Industry-specific Use Cases

Viber is one of the most used messaging apps in the world. This means it can be used for a wide range of industries. Here are some examples of how you can use Viber Business Messages for banking and finance, retail and e-commerce, travel and hospitality, logistics, and healthcare. This is not an exhaustive list though, and there are many industries that aren’t represented here.

Banking and Finance:

  • Credit information

  • Two-factor authentication (2FA)

  • Policy changes

  • Promotion of new banking services

  • One-time payments

  • Password security and reminders

Retail and e-commerce

  • Product or service inquiries

  • Order updates

  • Purchase confirmations

  • Promotions

Travel and hospitality

  • Flight updates

  • Check-in notifications

  • Boarding passes

  • Hotel promotions

  • Booking confirmations

  • Reservation reminders

  • Discount offers


  • Delivery scheduling

  • Delivery notifications

  • Shipment information

  • Delivery receipts

  • Taxi-booking confirmation

  • Order updates


  • Appointment reminders

  • Link to test results

  • Appointment confirmations

Getting Started with Viber

If you’re interested in getting started with Viber, here’s how:

  1. Contract: First, you’ll sign a Viber contract and warranty letter with us

  2. API Connect: Second, you’ll connect to our LINK Viber API

  3. Account Setup: Next, you’ll complete an account registration document and begin the onboarding process

  4. Approval: Viber will review and approve you as a business on the app

  5. Go Live: Lastly, you are ready to go and can start sending messages

Interested in what Viber has to offer? Talk with us today about how we can help!