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69% of consumers prefer communicating with brands over text messages versus calls. Communicate with customers over their preferred channel to improve satisfaction and engagement scores.

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Improving Customer Support Services

Understand your customers' needs and personalise their experience at every moment of interaction with them to set yourself apart from the competition.

EfficiencyReduce your overheads and improve process
24/7 SupportAvailable when your customers need you
Engage Engage in real conversations in real-time

Improving customer service

Traditional customer services is time consuming and expensive. The digitalisation trend has shifted customer expectations which means they expect brands to be available 24/7 with a multichannel approach.

Preferred Channels

Engage with your customers on their preferred channel at the most convenient time.

Seamless service

Make it easy for your customers to talk to you. With an omnichannel strategy, a conversation initiated by phone can be continued on any channel of choice.

Minimise Queues

Customers don't want to wait on hold or sit in long queues for answers that could be provided quickly through the use of an intelligent chatbot. Serve those you can with automation and keep human resources for more complex quieries.

Popular for Customer Care

Take a look at just some of our UK customer's top channels for customer care solutions.

WhatsApp Business API

In many countries, the preferred communications channel is WhatsApp. It is quick and easy to communication whilst on the go. WhatsApp is now being adopted by enterprises so they are available where their customers are.

Due to the intuitive 'chat' application, this is an easy channel to engage with customers.

In a customer service context, super uses cases include sending documentation and images, how-to videos, starting an insurance claim, and many more.

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SMS is ubiquitous as it doesn't require a data connection. SMS does not require an app to be downloaded or updated and is available globally to anyone with a mobile device.

SMS is perfect for sending customers essential information reliably and personally:

  • Time-critical notifications

  • Notifications about order and delivery status and pick-up information

  • Account balance inquiries and booking confirmations

  • Appointment changes such as delays and reminders

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Create high engagement and satisfaction

  • Messages can be both transactional or promotional – text only or include multimedia content like images, buttons, or stickers

  • Two-way communication and user-initiated messages for customer care and quick responses

  • Automate your conversations with chatbots and allow the conversation to flow 24/7

  • Create an engaging and branded business profile. With a power search, users can find your brand and start a direct conversations and seek the support they require

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