Retail and E-Commerce

Generate engagement that drives conversions and utilise flexible omnichannel solutions to better you overall customer service.

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Utilise your collected customer information to create a personalised message experience


Rewards loyal customers directly on their phone or attract new customers with discounts.


Ensure you excite and engage your audience with creative multimedia tools and features.

Use cases for retail & e-commerce

LINK's platforms and integrations allow businesses to automate and boost profitability by automating customer and retail operations. Let's explore some use cases:

Drive engagement with loyalty programs

With automated solutions, your customers can manage their loyalty program memberships instantly.

Provide them with easy access to their earned points, to redeem their rewards, and to schedule a pick-up time. Why not also broadcast reminders and must-know notifications?

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Personalise your approach

Distribute links to catalogues, provide videos and product information, or perhaps after-sales advice that are customised to your customers' needs.

Make their experience with you personal and channel them into a high value sales funnel.

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Notification campaigns

Using real-time or scheduled campaigns, share discount codes, ongoing offers, and new collection alerts on multiple channels to encourage your customers to return to your store.

Combine notifications with multimedia content to increase engagement.

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"Our LINK chatbot answered thousands of queries that would otherwise overwhelm our support team"


Associate Producer

Any channel, anytime

Flexible and modern customer communications

By utilising LINK's messaging APIs and platforms the possibilities for customer communications are endless. Our customers use messaging for:

  • Automated customer surveys

  • Delivery notifications

  • Sending vouchers, discounts and information

  • Chatbots for customer service

  • Order status & package tracking

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Conversion starts with a conversation

Provide customers with a conversational experience that meets their entire customer journey. Everything is possible, from customer inquiries to orders confirmations and delivery updates.

Use Customer Updates Automate updates to better CX
Protect Customer DataConfirm customer identity by using OTPs
Improve InteractionDeliver personalised and timely support

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