Transparency Act Report

This document constitutes an account for due diligence of Link Mobility Group Holding ASA and its affiliates (“LINK”), as required by the Norwegian Transparency Act (“The Transparency Act”, “The Act”). It consists of the introduction and two main chapters.

The first chapter (no. 2) deliberates on a regulatory background set out in the Act, whereas the second one (no. 3) provides a description of a framework for the implementation of the Act at LINK.

The second chapter outlines LINK’s structure, area of operations (no. 3.1) and characteristics of its supply chain (no. 3.2), and concludes with an extensive information on how the company fulfils obligations resulting from the Act (no. 3.3-3.5).

The description of the due diligence process itself (no. 3.4.) follows six steps, as set out in the OECD Due Diligence Guidance, which covers the information required from the account for due diligence under the Transparency Act. It therefore describes company’s guidelines and procedures linked to fundamental human rights and decent working conditions (3.3.1), notions related to potential and actual adverse impacts in its supply chain and in relations with business partners (3.3.2), measures aimed at ceasing or mitigating risks of adverse impacts (3.3.3), as well as the expected results of such measures (3.3.3-3.3.5).