Stay up close and personal with your marketing

Leverage the power of omnichannel marketing: conversational, automated, and personalized responses on the right channel at the right time. Watch conversions rocket by engaging your customers with personalized responses in real time.

Use digitization easily, inexpensively and efficiently for your own growth and inspire customers

Mobile communications provide massive opportunities in terms of customer experience, reach, and efficiency. By addressing new target groups and digital sales markets, create opportunities to generate new revenue streams. At the same time, processes are optimized, costs are reduced and your own brand strength gets a boost.

Human-centered Tech

Utilize personalized conversational marketing campaigns to attract customers, convert them, and retain them on any mobile platform!

Build relationships Maximize your customers' lifetime value. Automated, intuitive omnichannel campaigns help you stay in front of your audience.
Improved campaigns Transform your brand experience through personalized mobile messaging.
Increase sales Drive your bottom line by analyzing customer engagement on every channel, with each campaign.

Omnichannel marketing made easy

We offer both a data-driven insights platform and a range of mobile marketing channels that can amplify the impact of your mobile marketing strategies.

Promote offline and online traffic, leads, and conversions with mobile marketing messages. Use our communications solutions to contact customers, initiate business-customer and customer-business dialogue, and promote branding, campaigns, and sales activities.

Fastest possible customer availability

You can reach your customers with our communications solutions within a few minutes and get the desired response quickly. With LINK Mobility you can create campaigns in just a few steps.

Your benefits:

  • Personal messages internally and externally

  • Campaign and customer management

  • Automated voice messages

  • Birthday wishes

  • Customer service with discount codes

  • Recommendation and survey channel

Use Cases for Advertising & Marketing

Boost performance and strengthen connections

Leave your customers happy at every stage of the customer journey with personalized messaging. LINK Mobility's omnichannel CPaaS solutions drive leads and engagement. Explore some of our use cases.

Personalized touch

Get to know what your customers want and expect through customer data. Tailor your messages to your audience at scale with our omnichannel offering and automate your marketing processes for each customer journey. We have a variety of products and channels such as: RCS, SMS, WhatsApp, Viber, or use intelligent chatbots like our Conversational Platform or our Email automation platform!

Lead Generation

Throughout the customer journey, send meaningful messages to nurture leads. Maximize your customers' lifetime value. Automated, intuitive omnichannel campaigns help you stay in front of your audience.


Ticket sales are just the beginning. Take advantage of guest data to communicate with your customers on their favorite channels and devices. Provide your customers with an experience that extends beyond the event and creates the best guest experience possible. Engage your guests on the right channel at the right time and oversee a seamless, digitalized customer journey.

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