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Offering a secure, excellent digital customer experience across the most popular channels. Our solutions are tailored specifically for financial services, providing unmatched uptime and omnichannel functionality.

Easy and secure financial services

Every year, new innovations disrupt the financial market. There are new payment methods, cryptocurrencies, and ways to communicate. Maintain compliance while ensuring seamless, secure experiences with LINK's services.

Exceed customer experience with the mobile journey

The financial sector is undergoing a structural change and digitalization is a disruptive factor in its value chain. The fintech industry now has massive opportunity to change customer's expectations towards products and customer experience. The central channel that drives this is mobile. Mobile messaging and apps are the key enablers for meeting new standards.

Create a personalized experience

In the digital age, financial services must provide an integrated human experience to be successful. Make customers the #1 priority, offer a personalized experience, and build trust while rising to meet new challenges.

Interactive, omnichannel interactionsConnect to customers on their preferred platforms.
Payment reminders and notificationsCustomers can be notified about upcoming bills or successful payments.
Stay SecureConnect with clients and prevent fraud with omnichannel communication and support.

Smooth, quick and user-friendly messages

When it comes to money, the signing of contracts and sensitive customer data, there can be no compromises when it comes to security. With 2-factor authentication via SMS, you give your customers the option of simply signing contracts.

  • Info newsletter directly on the smartphone

  • Push notifications that are noticed immediately

  • Transmission of a contract for direct mobile signing

  • Registration by means of a check digit

  • Mobile signature

Service at your fingertips

With LINK, it's easy to deliver high-quality service! Inform customers via personalized, automated alerts about their balance, deposits, transactions, upcoming payments, security alerts, etc.


The 2-factor authentication via SMS is particularly user-friendly and protects your customers' accounts. Sending PIN and TAN via SMS also enables secure payment processes.


When sending important information, you should make sure that messages are read safely and do not end up in spam. With an SMS you get the full attention of your customers.

Customer Care

The majority of customers want to get in touch with companies via mobile messaging. Follow this request and use SMS and WhatsApp as a channel for modern customer service.

CPaaS use cases for banking and finance

Modernize communications within the financial sector by reaching clients on the channels they want. Increase security with two factor authentication and encrypted channels. Learn more about your client's needs and increase profitablity.

Authentication and OTP

One-time-password (OTP) security provides an extra safety layer, only enabling full access to an online bank account once a code has been entered.

Alerts & Notifications

Whether you are a financial industry or a banking institution, push notifications and alerts benefit your customers so they feel secure in their transactions.

Customer Care

An interaction with a customer can be a win-or-lose moment. When it comes to the financial industry, customers reach out during critical times. Our CPaaS solution allows you to connect with your customers while keeping up with changing technology needs, without breaking the bank.

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