LINK Mobile Invoice

LINK Mobile Invoice gives you a cost-efficient and flexible way to charge your customers.

The future is mobile, and the consumers of today wish to use their mobile phones for an increasing amount of functions. This includes mobile payment methods. Using LINK Invoice, you will be able to meet the need of your client with a simple payment method. Additionally, LINK Invoice will allow you to receive payments for your goods and services faster.

By allowing your customers to receive bills on their phone, you are accommodating their need for a simpler life. The phone always comes along for the ride, and with it, the methods for immediate payment are right in your customers’ pockets!

Experience tells us that mobile billing with quick methods of payment make for faster settlements. LINK Mobile Invoice is also suitable for notifying your customers about due payments.


Link Mobile Invoice


  • The LINK Mobile Invoice API receives the billing information and other content that is to be sent by SMS to the customer
  • LINK generates a landing site, complete with your company´s colours and logo, and the correct billing information, and sends the SMS to the end user
  • The user receives and SMS containing a URL that bring them to the landing site
  • Your back-end system receives an update when the payment is completed

You can add desired information about your marketing campaigns to the receipt page, and it is guaranteed that the customer sees your addition

Link Mobile Invoice



  • Events like concerts, theatres, and conferences
  • Requesting payment
  • Charging for digital services and content
  • Sending reminders and dunning for late payments



  • Using SMS to send URLs to a unique payment site
  • Creates a responsive landing site adaptable to all interfaces
  • Supports several payment methods
  • API for integration and creation of landing sites