Transforming transportation and logistics through omnichannel experiences

Transport and logistics companies can access a single, integrated platform to communicate with customers and employees throughout the journey.

Taking your communications to new heights

Using a single communications platform, deliver a superior transportation and logistics customer experience with real-time notifications, one-time passwords, automated communications, and moreover SMS, chat apps (WhatsApp, Viber, Messenger), Email, Voice, and others. Stay connected with your customers through mobile messaging for shipment-initiated notifications, status updates, delivery notifications, and reminders. Add-ons are available and include delivery, change of delivery location or time, customs clearance, and more.

Timely Notifications

Send reminders to customers when their package will be shipped and delivered, provide status updates, and confirmations upon delivery.

Internal Communication

Communicate within your organization and send messages to drivers, delivery personnel, and warehouse staff.

Omnichannel Engagement

Send messages using customers’ preferred channels, even having a conversation with them and giving them suggested options to customize their delivery.

Improve logistics from end to end

Sending shipment and delivery notifications via SMS or other preferred channels such as WhatsApp or RCS is the fastest and most reliable way to reach the end customer and get them to receive and pick up the package. With faster pick-up times, including pick-up at service points and home delivery, the costs for logistics companies are reduced. In addition to reducing their carbon footprint overall, companies are also actively working to reduce their carbon footprint in logistics.

How is this applied when using LINK's services?

Large logistic companies handle both freight and customs clearance. In this context, it is imperative that customers receive delivery notifications and have the ability to change the date or time of delivery. In turn, this makes deliveries more efficient while reducing the number of delivery attempts, all contributing to reduced emissions.

Our Services

LINK has a variety of products and services that can help across the value chain in the logistics industry.


Create trust and dependency.

SMS is perfect for communicating. Send automated order confirmations, delivery updates, new shipment notifications, and improve supply chain management with internal communications.

Add Google Verified SMS to add a trust dimension to your campaigns.


Sending delivery notifications and driver locations within WhatsApp can help drive customer satisfaction.

Automatically send personalized messages to opted-in customers using WhatsApp Template messages.

WhatsApp is also the perfect channel for Customer Care and dealing with customer inquiries and parcel status updates. This can all be automated using chatbot flows.


With the rich text and media features within RCS, this is the perfect tool to increase engagement with customers.

Create a seamless customer journey for sending order confirmations, and delivery updates, and providing customers with the opportunity to engage and seek support.

Automate the customer journey

Utilize customer data and automate engagement, omnichannel communications, and customer service to guide your customers through every step of their purchase journey.

Use cases for logistics

Our product offerings can simplify logistics and transport communications. Improve package delivery efficiency and customer satisfaction today.

Go green: Reduce carbon footprint

At the heart of logistics, is smart and connected technology that works for the planet. By leveraging notifications and two-way conversations with customers, you can ensure delivery without multiple attempts while reducing carbon emissions.

Improved customer care

With live tracking, the customer can see the progress of the delivery. Provide two-way communication so your customers can contact you with their queries, allowing you to resolve them more quickly. Ask for feedback with quick response surveys.

Conversational marketing

We integrate data, technology, and communication across all your business channels to enhance a customer's brand experience. Using conversational messaging and chatbots to automate conversation is the need of the hour for logistics and supply chain management companies.

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