In each of our German data centers, we only work with ISO27001-certified operators.

All of our data processing servers are located in Europe and are therefore subject to the highest data protection laws in the world.

We monitor our systems around the clock. This enables us to identify and fix problems as quickly as possible.

In the event of a malfunction, we can offer timely message delivery via our backup data center.

Bastian Seibt

Senior Business Development and Operations Manager at FINANZCHECK

The best route for every message

Our intelligent routing automatically selects the fastest and best route for each individual SMS message. Our team of experts also monitors various metrics in order to guarantee the highest quality for all message deliveries.

  • 24/7 checking of connections and throughput to network operators

  • Daily routing evaluation and investigation for anomalies by internal experts

  • Regular SMS route testing via our own test network REMOTE365

REMOTE365: Our unique test network

Our end-to-end monitoring system REMOTE365 sends test messages around the world at tight intervals to ensure that all messages reach the end user at the right time and with unchanged content. If the results differ, routes are automatically adjusted to avoid impairments.

Data protection according to TKG & DSGVO

Since we are registered with the Federal Network Agency as a telecommunications service provider, we are not only subject to the GDPR but also to the high data protection and security requirements of the Telecommunications Act (TKG). Due to the cooperation with banks, we are also committed to banking secrecy.

Information security according to ISO27001

Our information security management (ISM) follows the ISO27001 standard. This includes a detailed IT security concept, a business continuity concept and a disaster recovery concept, which describe our technical and organizational measures (TOM) for information security.

Always up to date

As a participant in the Alliance for Cyber Security, we strengthen our resilience to cyber attacks. We achieve this through the extensive exchange of IT expertise and application experience of all participants.

We are also a member of the Society for Data Protection and Data Security (GDD). As a non-profit association, the GDD supports sensible, justifiable and technically feasible data protection. To this end, the GDD cultivates intensive cooperation with business, administration, science and politics.

If you would like to receive further information on the subject of data security at LINK Mobility, please contact us or download our PDF on the subject of data security.