Séverine Lacroix2024-02-29

Giulia Keck, Senior Key Account Manager

Meet our incredible team member, Giulia Keck, Senior Key Account Manager in Germany 🙌

Giulia started her career in sales 10 years ago. Three years ago, she became a valuable member of our team and has continually progressed in her role ever since.

She started as a sales manager, which gave her the opportunity to get to know every facet of sales. After several years of acquiring and managing medium-sized clients she wanted to develop within her role and expressed the desire to undertake the responsibilities associated with larger clients.

In her role as a Senior Key Account Manager, Giulia is dedicated to nurturing her clients by expanding partnerships and growing businesses together.

How did you become interested in joining LINK, and what are the most rewarding aspects of your role?

I have a deep appreciation for the technical aspects of our company. The possibilities and challenges encountered throughout the entire sales process have always fascinated me. The main reason I continue to stay is the dynamic nature of the work and the constant evolution and challenges, coupled with the incredible team spirit.

The most gratifying aspect for me is the final stage of a significant project. As a team, we navigate various obstacles throughout the process. The ultimate reward comes when the client is thoroughly satisfied, and we can all celebrate our collective success together.

I take immense pride in the unwavering dedication of each team member when we collaborate towards a common goal.
My most significant achievement has been establishing a stable client base and achieving remarkable growth for one of our key clients, with their traffic volume increasing by over 260% since I joined Link.

The value that resonates the most with me is “united”. I firmly believe that our exceptional teamwork sets us apart from most competitors. Our collective strength as a team has been outstanding, and I strongly attribute our longstanding success with multiple clients over the past 10 years to this cohesive collaboration.

If you were an emoji, what would you be?

🥳 – I try to always remain positive. In case of challenges, I believe everything will work out in the end. One of my catchphrases: If it has not worked out yet, it is simply not the end.

Who is your biggest inspiration within the Company?

Everyone at Link inspires me in different ways. I admire the sales team for achieving amazing results and thriving constantly, the tech team for their knowledge, the HR team for organizing everything around us, the routing team for connecting with the best aggregators, the support team for always having the perfect answer for each client request and our managers.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I developed a passion for sourdough baking. I love baking bread for my whole neighborhood!


Giulia Keck is one of many passionate and hard-working individuals who helped LINK earn its place as an industry leading CPaaS company. Keep an eye out for the next edition of #FacesofLINK, coming soon!