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Promote retail footfall with engaging communication campaigns. Flexible omnichannel solutions for improved customer experience.

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Tailormade omnichannel retail strategies

Personalization coupled with omnichannel is the name of the game in retail today. While many retailers have a multichannel approach that combines brick-and-mortar stores, eCommerce, and mobile apps, those channels function independently. Integrate an omnichannel strategy that allows all channels to be used in a seamless experience that gives consumers total autonomy over when, how, and where they shop.

Lifelong customer relationships

Driving your bottom line

With our communications services, you can send offers, promotions, competitions, customer surveys, and much more easily and automatically via our messaging APIs and platforms.

  • Individual and automated customer surveys

  • Connection between stationary trade and online shop by linking

  • Sending vouchers, discounts and information

  • Use of chatbots

  • Order status & package tracking

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Conversion starts with a conversation

Provide customers with a conversational experience that meets their entire customer journey. Everything is possible, from customer inquiries to orders confirmations and delivery updates.

Keep Customers Updated Automate updates, surveys, and order status while driving customer engagement
Protect customer dataConfirm identity and utilize OTP's through to purchase
Improve customer interactionDeliver personalized and streamlined support


Collect information about customers, then use this information to create a personalized message flow or send offers. With better communications, you increase loyalty to your brand.


Rewards loyal customers directly on their phone or attract new customers with discounts. By sending offers to customers on their preferred channels, they're more likely to make a purchase.


Make payment options easy and accessible for customers to pay by using their mobile, ensuring immediate payment for you and simplicity for customers.

Use cases for retail & E-commerce

By connecting channels of communication, CPaaS allows businesses to automate and boost profitability by automating customer and retail business operations. Let's explore some use cases for CPaaS in the retail industry.

Drive engagement with loyalty programs

With messaging, voice, or chatbots, your customers can manage their loyalty program memberships instantly. Provide them with easy access to their earned points, to redeem their rewards, and to schedule a pick-up time.

Retail discount codes

Personalize information about products

Distribute links to catalogs, provide videos and product information, or conduct voice calls that are customized to your customers' needs. Make your customer's experience more personal and funnel them into the sales cycle.

Improved campaigns

Using real-time or scheduled campaigns, share discount codes, ongoing offers, and new collection alerts on multiple channels to encourage your customers to return to your retail store.

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