OmniChannel Portail

Le portail 2.0 de LINK Mobility. A vous le RCS, le Rich SMS, le SMS, ou encore les créations de landing pages pour toutes vos campagnes. Contactez-nous si vous n'avez pas encore votre compte !

Creative Marketing Campaigns

Create Omnichannel campaigns with the intuitive Drag and Drop Builders.

Campaign Builder is our Drag and Drop editor where you easily can create great looking and engaging email and SMS campaigns. There is no need for reading or understanding programming codes. Your newsletters will simply look perfect on any device!

SMS Campaigns

MarketingPlatform combines LINK Mobility’s globally recognized SMS Gateway and email marketing on the same platform. So, you can use all the information from your customers' profiles in your SMS. SMS can also be used in your customer-journey flows, just as any other system can send SMS messages through MarketingPlatform.

For example booking confirmations, take-away notifications are ready, or utilities that send out alert messages. SMS can be integrated with ERP, CMS, CRM, Webshop, or any other system.

Forms and Landing pages

MarketingPlatform makes it easy and intuitive to create forms and landing pages for signing up, unsubscribing and updating profiles.

This eliminates the need of being able to code, to insert inviting forms on your website or webshop. With Drag and Drop, you can easily select the fields that you require to be in the desired forms, and which page the new contact person should see when the form is filled out.

Tailor Your Automations

With our FlowBuilder, it is easy and fun to be creative and not least productive to build and tailor your marketing automation, so that your customers and prospects get the most optimal and engaging experiences across all channels. Set up flows where you respond to whether people have opened your email, clicked on a particular link, have signed up, unsubscribed or where changes have been made to an associated feed. Only the imagination sets the limits in MarketingPlatform.


Easy and simple to integrate with a wealth of web-shop systems, ERP systems, 3rd party lead generation tools, social media and much more.

  • Integration via modules

  • Integration via our Connector

  • Integration via API

  • Integrations from 3rd party programs

Intelligent Automation Flows

MarketingPlatform allows you to build intelligent Marketing Automation Flows with Email and SMS to increase your customer engagement and convert your customers' interest into purchases.

Easily create complex automatic flows for different purposes and for different segments across all channels. The integrated Lead Scoring system can help you communicate the right offers, products, and messages at the right time, and with LeadScoring you can also find your most active customers.

Customer Data Platform

Collect and unify customer data from multiple sources to build a single, coherent, complete view of each customer.

  • Integrate and manage your customer data directly in our built-in customer database (CDP) in a GDPR compliant setup.

  • Easily import the data from your existing platforms such as ERP, CRM, and CMS systems, as well as data from your webshop, website, and POS systems.

Get to know your customers' needs, interests, and purchasing patterns better. Create advanced customer datasets, right down to each individual customer.


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