Forward Looking Statement

LINK benefits from strong long-term market trends with increased demand for advanced CPaaS solutions and products. As LINK expands its go-to-market (GTM) initiatives and launches new products, demand is expected to support even higher growth. LINK is also executing on its M&A strategy with several acquisitions closed in Europe and expansion to the U.S. last year.

LINK has confidence in the medium-term revenue growth range in the forward-looking statement of 14-17% based on current market adoption of CPaaS solutions and GTM roll-out. Growth rates may however vary between quarters in 2022 as 2021 was impacted by lockdowns, resulting in high and low comparables. For full year 2022, the net retention rate is expected to remain above 110% for the Enterprise segment and gross profits are expected to trend upwards in H2 2022 with a normal season for high margin critical events messaging in the U.S. Potential additional growth through M&A will be accretive to LINK’s valuation and deleveraging or at least neutral to leverage. A significant deleveraging effect from organic growth is expected to bring leverage closer to the financial policy target of <3.5 by end of 2022.

LINK retains its long-term 2024 forward-looking revenue and margin statement and commitment to its 20% annual growth target in a mature CPaaS market with S-curve adoption of omnichannel solutions.