Forward Looking Statement

LINK is benefitting from strong market trends with an accelerated demand for advanced CPaaS solutions and products. As LINK invest more in additional go-to-market (GTM) initiatives and launch new products in the current footprint, LINK expect demand for our products to grow even further. LINK also has strong momentum on M&A processes and observes increased M&A activity in a highly fragmented industry. The strength in these underlying trends enable LINK to communicate a more precise forward-looking statement:

Forward looking statement2024
Pro forma revenue*10.000
Pro forma adjusted EBITDA** margin13-15%

*Amounts are in million NOK

**EBITDA adjusted for expenses related to significant one-time, non-recurring events such as acquisitions and restructuring activities

The main assumptions behind the guidance are a gradual increase in organic growth to 20% in the mid to long-term with the effects from the GTM initiatives and margin expansion driven by the operating leverage inherent in LINK’s scalable business model. The tailwinds from strong market trends and uplift in new products and channels will increase organic revenue growth and LINK expects a gradual increase in number of messages and revenues growth through 2021 from current levels. While quarterly variations due to lockdowns and government restrictions make forecasting with LINK’s typical level of precision somewhat more difficult, LINK expect an increased level of underlying growth during 2021 as compared to 2020.