LINK Mobility SMS Zapier Integration 

LINK Mobility's SMS integration to Zapier enables you to dispatch SMS globally, contingent upon signing an agreement with LINK Mobility initially. Credentials are provided by our Support team. You will need username, password, platform id and platform partner id. 

What is Premium SMS? 

Premium SMS services charge recipients at higher rates for value-added content like downloads or votes. These charges appear directly on the recipient's phone bill. Different service categories have specific pricing tiers, requiring clear consent and service descriptions. Regulatory compliance and setup vary by market, involving coordination with mobile operators. 

For any inquiries or further assistance, please reach out to our support team.

Send SMS

This action allows you to send SMS towards a single recipient. 



Choose the source identifier for sending your message, tailored to the Source Type of Number (TON) requirements: 

  • ALPHANUMERIC (Default): Use a maximum of 11 alphanumeric characters (A-Z, a-z, 0-9). This format is universally accepted, though specific countries or carriers might have unique restrictions. For example, you could use 'LINK' as an identifier. 

  • MSISDN: Enter a mobile number in international format, starting with a '+' sign and followed by the country code and number without any spaces or special characters. For instance, '+1234567890' would be a valid identifier. 

  • SHORTNUMBER: This refers to a country-specific short code, typically ranging from 4 to 5 digits in length, like '71550'. 

Please note that availability and compatibility can vary based on country and network operator specifications. 


Specify the recipient's mobile number using the international format, which includes the country code prefixed by a '+' sign, followed by the phone number digits. Ensure there are no spaces, dashes, or any other characters in the number. 

Valid Examples: 

  • +1234567890 

  • +46712345678 

  • +4712345678 

Invalid Examples: 

  • 0712345678 (missing country code and '+' prefix) 

  • 88888888 (lacks international format and country code) 

  • It's crucial that the number is entered correctly to ensure successful message delivery. 

User data 

he content of your message is determined by the Data Coding Scheme (DCS), which outlines the message's format and encoding. If your message exceeds the limit for a single SMS, the service will automatically segment it into multiple parts, assuming the default TEXT encoding is used. 

Here's how it works based on the encoding: 

  • GSM7 Encoding: This is the standard for most text messages sent to mobile phones. With GSM7, you can fit up to 160 characters in a single SMS. For longer messages that require segmentation (concatenated SMS), each segment can contain up to 153 characters. Each segment is billed as one SMS. For detailed standards, refer to GSM 03.38. 

  • UCS2 Encoding: This encoding is used for messages that include characters outside the GSM7 set. Due to the 2-byte size of each character in UCS2, a single SMS can only accommodate 70 characters. For concatenated SMS, this limit decreases to 63 characters per segment, with each segment billed as a separate SMS. 

The service automatically selects the most suitable encoding (GSM7 or UCS2) based on your message content, ensuring optimal delivery and readability. 

Platform id 

Your platformId. Provided to you by our Support team. 

Your user may have a default Platform id. 

Platform partner id 

Your platformPartnerId. Provided to you by Support team. 

Your user may have a default Platform id. 

Delivery report gates 

Specify one or more 'gates' for receiving delivery reports. These gates facilitate the transmission of delivery statuses back to you. For further details and available options, please reach out to our Support team

Reference id 

Your internal transaction ID serves solely as a reference and is not utilized for any other purpose. 

Source type of number 

Indicate the type of source number being used. 

Destination type of number 

Specify the type of destination number. Typically, MSISDN. 

Data coding scheme 

Select the appropriate Data Coding Scheme (DCS) for your SMS, based on the content type and encoding requirements. Refer to the specified table for permissible DCS values: 

  • TEXT (Default): Automatically detects and uses either GSM7 or UCS2 encoding based on the message content. 

  • GSM: Utilizes standard GSM7 encoding, allowing for up to 160 characters per SMS. For detailed specifications, see GSM 03.38. 

  • UCS2: Employs UCS2 encoding, a UTF-16 compatible format, supporting up to 70 characters per SMS. Further information can be found on the UCS2 Wikipedia page. 

  • BINARY: Suitable for sending non-text content like legacy logos or WAP-push messages, with a maximum of 140 bytes per SMS. 

User data header 

When sending concatenated SMS or similar messages, you can specify the User Data Header (UDH) in the form of hex-encoded 8-bit bytes. Support can provide more details on the appropriate UDH values for extended messages upon request. Unless you have a particular need to manage message splitting and concatenation manually, we suggest using the TEXT Data Coding Scheme (DCS). This setting allows the service to automatically handle the segmentation and reassembly of long messages for you. 


Specify the message price in your local currency, scaled to 1/100th of the currency unit. For instance, a message priced at 5 NOK should be entered as 500. If you're manually segmenting a long message, only the first segment should carry the price; the default value is 0. 

A price greater than 0 signifies that the message will be sent as a premium SMS. Note that premium SMS services require specific setup and activation for each market you intend to use them in. 

Ignored for non-premium SMS. 


Specify the currency to be used for SMS charges. Currently, we support the following currencies: NOK (Norwegian Krone), SEK (Swedish Krona), DKK (Danish Krone), and EUR (Euro). Ensure you choose the appropriate currency from this list when setting up SMS charges. 

Ignored for non-premium SMS. 

Product description 

Provide a service description for premium messages. This description will appear on the recipient's phone bill to explain the charge. 

Ignored for non-premium SMS. 

Product category 

For premium messages, you need to identify the service category, which informs the operator about the applicable rates. Consult with our Support team or your sales representative to select the appropriate 'productCategory' for your service. 

Ignored for non-premium SMS. 

Relative validity time 

Define the 'validityTime' to set the lifespan of your message. This is the duration, in milliseconds, within which the message should be delivered. If delivery exceeds this timeframe, the message will be discarded. 

Default is 48 hours (172800000). 

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