LINK Conversations

New business opportunities with smart mobile communications

LINK Conversations is about generating more leads, converting more sales and strengthening
customer loyalty. We integrate all your communication channels in one simple, strong and
seamless communication interface, empowering you to:


more prospects and customers right where they are


customers to easily interact more with your brand


customer experience and satisfaction to grow your business

Traditional text messaging is often purely transactional. It is commonly used for one-way communication, such as password verifications, appointment reminders, package delivery updates, coupons, promotional offers etc.

Most messages do not invite replies. But messaging can have much more business impact as a conversation.

From one-way transactional messaging to interactive conversation

  • One integrated communication interface
  • Simple and user-friendly chats
  • More natural company-customer dialogues
  • Shorter way to actions and sales
  • Customized branding and design

Product features

Branding and business profiling

Strong visual and interactive elements help you highlight your business profile and image. Convincing brand appearance makes you stand out from the competition.

Personalized conversations and call-to-actions

Customer-centric chats enables you to connect on a personal level with your audiences. Natural real-time interaction provides convenience and engagement that drives higher responsiveness and targeted actions.

Extended offerings and sales

Engaging with your customers in the right channel and context creates new business opportunities. Providing the right content and offering at the right time expands sales, upsales, cross-sales and re-sales, increasing conversion rates.


Facts about LINK Conversations

  • Multi-channel communication with rich content
  • Works across relevant mobile devices (Android/iOS)
  • No need for apps or creating accounts
  • Independent of mobile operator standards (e.g. RCS)
  • Easy to integrate and use API (adopting new channels)
  • Includes pictures, videos, voice messages, links, QR codes, geo-location etc.
  • GDPR compliant

Improve your conversations from insights

Behind every consumer is an individual – and behind every individual is a customer. We as consumers all leave extensive and revealing digital footprints behind, and for someone to get to know us better, it all comes down to data and data intelligence.

Read more: LINK Mobility Intelligence

The difference between a traditional text message and a conversational one, is that you as a business invite response and engagement in a customer-centric company-customer communication. You provide information and inspire participation.

Nowadays everything is about new ways to get your customer’s limited attention.

LINK Conversations exactly bridges today’s expanding multi-channel reach and seamless omni-channel customer experience – helping you to:

  • Connect with more customers
  • Simplify messaging channels
  • Enrich customer dialogue

Use case 1: Rebooking an order


Step 1: Confirm or reschedule

The customer receives a messaging notification about a pending order.

The customer is given the opportunity to either confirm or reschedule both time and place of delivery.

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Hi Jessica, you will receive your package tomorrow at your home address. Is this OK for you or would you like to reschedule?
Home address
Office address
Please choose a date that works for you.
Date A
Date B
Date C

Step 2: New pick-up location

The customer defines new pick-up location.

The customer confirms the delivery address.

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Where would you like to pick up your order?
Place A
Place B
Place C
You tapped the following delivery address: Place C.

Step 3: Rescheduling completed

The customer gets a delivery confirmation.

The customer has conveniently rescheduled a package delivery based on a seamless company-customer conversation.

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Thanks for rescheduling your package. It will be delivered by Date B at Place C.

Use case 2: Customer satisfaction


Step 1: Rating and feedback

The customer receives a messaging notification about experience and level of satisfaction.

The customer replies according to rating system.

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Hi Jessica, you have now received your package. We are curious to understand how satisfied you were with the delivery, please give us your feedback.
⭐ ⭐
⭐ ⭐ ⭐

Step 2: Detailed feedback

The customer is asked to specify the feedback.

In case of a low level of satisfaction the customer can give a more detailed and valuable feedback.

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We would love if you would share with us in what way we could improve your experience.
Problem 1
Problem 2
Problem 3

Use case 3: Redeem coupon


Step 1: Special coupon

The customer receives a messaging notification with a coupon.

The customer redeems coupon and gets a confirmation of choice.

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Hi Jessica, thanks for your last visit. We hope you enjoyed your meal 🙂 We have a special coupon, just for you:
Redeem offer
Good choice ☕ Looking forward to seeing you soon Jessica.

Step 2: Coupon already used

The customer is informed that the coupon has already been redeemed.

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Hi Jessica, thanks for your last visit. We hope you enjoyed your meal 🙂 We have a special coupon, just for you:
Redeem offer
Oh no, looks like this coffee has already been drunk! Don’t worry, there will be more coupons to come.

Step 3: New coupon

The customer receives a coupon with a new attractive offer.

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Hello Summer! The sun is shining, temperatures are rising – it’s time for some ice cream Jessica.
Ice Ice Baby
Buy two scoops of ice cream and get a third for free!

Redeem offer.