LINK SMS Gateway

The markets most complete solution for integration of mobile services to your computer systems

LINK SMS Gateway is a professional, commercial solution for delivering SMS messages from computer systems to GSM phones worldwide.

LINK SMS Gateway

 Messages can be sent using several interfaces and various applications, like .NET WebService/SOAP, ActiveX/COM, XML, HTTP/HTTPS, E-mail and more. 
Incoming SMS (Mobile Originated) can also be used.

Easy to use

 Well-documented APIs, developer tools and source code examples makes implementation easy.

Flexible and robust

The SMS Gateway operating platform has redundancy for all components and is supervised 24/7.

Gateway versions and features

Gateway Basic

For out-going SMS services

    • Developer interface/API
    • Send SMS
    • Receive delivery  receipt SMS (Delivery Report)

 We are happy to help you get started, contact for demo account.

Gateway productsheet


Gateway Standard

For two-way messaging

  • Developer interface/API
  • Send SMS
  • Receive delivery receipts for SMS (Delivery Report)
  • Receive SMS messages to short numbers
  • Receive SMS to international dedicated numbers

Additonal features for use with LINK SMS Gateway Standard

  • Pay SMS / CPA / Mobil Payment
  • Receive SMS to dedicated short code numbers
  • Adress lookup
  • Positioning of mobile phones
  • E-mail to SMS

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