Digitalization has rapidly changed the healthcare sector, allowing healthcare providers and pharmacies to create engaging interactions with their patients. Patients now have new standards when it comes to service and quality care, expecting round the clock access to providers.

Benefits of integrating CPaaS

Enhance the user experience by streamlining communication across all stages of healthcare with our CPaaS solution. LINK's secure communication platform keeps your staff and patients updated on critical and essential information.

NotificationsScheduling, reminders, and transactional messaging
ConvenienceMobile payment and prescriptions
SatisfactionImproved patient experience throughout their care
IntegrationSupport teams with streamlined workflows

The rise of digitalization in Healthcare

The digitalization trend has already provided notable benefits and proven outcomes in industries such as banking, retail, telecommunications, and marketing. While the stakes in healthcare have always been high, there’s no better time than now to transition to a modern, omnichannel communication system capable of rapid deployment during any situation. With CPaaS solutions, both technical and non-technical teams can build differentiated customer experiences. In some cases, the solution is tailored to cater for 24/7/365 responsiveness, whereas in others, the solution can be implemented to help relieve employees from daily administrative tasks, so that they can focus more on delivering quality patient care.

Improved patient service 24/7

Transforming the patient journey

In today's world, healthcare professionals should not be stifled by outdated and slow voice technology, that depends solely on staff availability. With LINK Mobility, connecting with doctors, staff, and patients using an omnichannel approach can be quick, accessible, and cost efficient. Our solutions are made to scale, all the while with a focus to improve patient experience.

  • Offer customers safe conversations on the channel they prefer and provide them with more secure and reliable communication

  • Increase efficiency and reduce no-shows by giving notifications.

  • Offer a wide range of channels to secure customer satisfaction and security.

  • Create personal digital interaction with healthcare providers.

Transform the patient experience

Communicate more effectively between patients and providers by removing barriers to communication. Enhance patient engagement by integrating voice and in-browser calling, text notifications, video calling, and more.


Offer patients safe conversations on the channel they prefer and provide them with more secure and reliable communication.


Offer a wide range of channels to secure customer satisfaction and security. Upgrade your standard of customer care with personalized communications and modernized patient engagement.


Create personal digital interaction with healthcare providers, while increasing efficiency. Reminders serve as a convenience for both patients and wellness providers.

Reduce no-shows

Reduce the rate of no-shows and save time and costs by pre-empting scheduling issues.

Use cases for Healthcare

Making sure that patients' questions are answered quickly and efficiently is a critical part of elevating patient care. With our products, we prevent patients from having to wait on hold while only communicating with one or more people. You can also give patients the freedom to communicate on their channel of choice, where they feel most comfortable. Furthermore, our platform makes it possible to track important patient data to ensure patient care is optimized.

Consultation calling

Consulting via telehealth usually entails an online video session with a doctor instead of a physical visit. An important aspect of authenticating a patient is the integration with their medical records, prescribing medication, and interacting with an external expert or family member. There is also the possibility of recording the session. In addition, doctors and staff can communicate via video.

Reduce No-Shows

Remind and confirm appointments with automated messages, reducing missed appointments. Allow patients to reschedule appointments easily on their preferred channel and easily manage the patient flow.


Scheduling and authenticating patients are common uses for CPaaS in healthcare. Schedules can be made online, over the phone, via SMS, or through messenger apps. Through CPaaS and APIs, it is possible to automate and streamline all of these communication methods. The patients can book an appointment online, receive notifications regarding the appointment, and then receive a record of the appointment on their preferred channel.

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