Travel and Tourism

Stay ahead of the competition with LINK: Mobile communications that elevate the customer experience. Be available to customers throughout their entire journey, using any channel.

Travel notifications at your fingertips

Delayed flights, schedule changes, cancellations...keeping customers in the loop is imperative. Travel alerts and real-time notifications make it possible for customers to stay updated.

Engage with your customers

Booking travel and holiday packages is a big deal. Make sure you engage with customers at every possible step. Sending booking confirmations, count-down timers, integrating chatbots for automating customer care, and upsell additional services such as upgrades, excursions, and more.

Fastest possible customer availability

You can reach your customers with an SMS within a few minutes and get the desired response quickly. With LINK Mobility you can create a successful campaign in just a few steps.

  • Personal messages internally and externally

  • Campaign and customer management

  • Automated voice messages

  • Birthday wishes

  • Customer service with discount codes

  • Recommendation and survey channel

A better way to travel

If your customers are on the go, they need quick and simple support. Whether it is something as easy as booking a taxi, or something more complex like a visa query, you can improve customer experience with automated answers and notifications.

Connect with Customers

Maintaining customer contact improves the journey for your customers, but it also enables you to increase revenue. From flight status updates to travel loyalty programs, and keep your customers happy.


Chatbots help ensure a seamless and error-free journey, which contributes to improved customer satisfaction and customer experience.


Enhance every interaction, including personalized support and custom notifications, as well as optimized authentication.

Use Cases for Travel and Tourism

Convenience is king in the digital age, and businesses that fail to meet customer expectations will not survive. Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) has changed the customer experience game dramatically over the past several years, making communication more convenient for both customers and businesses. A significant role is played by CPaaS in the travel and hospitality industries through its ease of adding communication channels to existing business applications. Explore relevant use cases below.

Connect your customers with your support team almost instantly through chat and voice channels and help them resolve their concerns at any time, all day, every day.

Stay in touch with your customers and inform them of any changes in their travel schedule. Inform them of any travel delays or service interruptions as soon as they occur.

Give your customers booking confirmations along with payment receipts and onboarding details to provide them with essential information about their travels.

Provide your customers with secure and trackable mobile boarding passes that they can save to their mobile and display when checking in at the airport or entering an event.

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