Community Engagement with Direct Mobile Support

Create a Digital Society with LINK

With two-way communication across digital channels, you can increase efficiency and reduce costs while transforming interactions and service delivery for communities.

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Benefits for the Public Sector

Self-serviceReduce call volumes and utilise chat for support
SecuritySafe in the knowledge that data is secure and GDPR compliant
Remote SupportMake it easier for the public to get in touch remotely
Multi Media HelpUse videos and images to educate and serve

A better way to connect through digital channels

By using digital channels messaging channels such as SMS, WhatsApp , and more, you can reach the public where they are.

You can also send proactive emergency communications, payment reminders, status updates, and more to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and keep people informed on their preferred channel.

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Public Sector Champions Mobile Messaging

In the digital age, the public expect government agencies to make it easy for them to transact. At LINK, we provide solutions that enable the public sector to meet the changing demands of its communities. Take a look at some of our use cases for governments and the public sector.

Public Health

Send: warnings, updates and general notifications.

The COVID-19 pandemic redefined telehealth usage as governments sought ways to effectively communicate. Digital technology found a new role in supporting the public with real-time notifications on local public health development.

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Local Agency Services

By automating and optimising your digital processes, you can serve your communities better. Visa renewals, marriage registration, or official ID request? Make sure they can reach you online through the channel of their choice. Set up a one-stop-shop for applications and payment processes with chatbots available to assist. Send notifications on approvals, documentation requests, or pickup.

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Streamline your service team

  • Efficient customer service: Allow agents to handle complex inquiries by diverting inbound calls to digital messaging channels.

  • Data and resource management: Manage all customer information, including history, in one place, improving first contact resolution and customer satisfaction.

  • Remain an accessible team: Leverage centralised dashboards and reporting tools to monitor calls and workload.

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