WhatsApp Business API Solution

Engage with your customers on the most popular global communication channel. Transform with confidence when working with LINK, one of Meta's approved messaging partners.

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Making WhatsApp work for your business

Global ReachWhatsApp currently has over 2.1 billion users worldwide. Extend and scale your business possibilities.
Customer ServiceReduce your costs by approx. 50% and engage with your customers on the channel their channel of choice.
Safe & SecureEvery WhatsApp message is sent securely with end-to-end encyrption, ensuring your data is handled securely.
Engage CustomersCustomer engagement is critical: 61% of people would choose messaging a business over picking up the phone.

Impress with a WhatsApp experience

Send images, videos, GIFs, links, files and more!

  • Face no restrictions when communicating through WhatsApp. All customers will see your branding and content no matter their device, all within the one messaging app.

One or two way messaging

  • Combine our direct WhatsApp messaging capabilities with our chatbot platform Xenioo to automate and serve your customers. Or use the channel to effectively broadcast your important notifications for all to see.

Features that engage and excite

  • Create and send digital catalogues for shopping, share location details and more with Meta's impressive updates. To learn more about the features that best apply to your use cases - get in touch!

Embrace endless possibilities with WhatsApp API

Here are just some exciting use cases we see working for customers. Can't see how WhatsApp would work for you?

Our team of experts will be happy to consult with you and identify the best uses cases suited to your needs and goals.

Easily send booking details, notifications and updates

Customer service is easier within the preferred channel of your customers

WhatsApp Business as an entry point for conversational messaging

How you can send WhatsApp messages with LINK

Through LINK-owned platforms and WhatsApp APIs you can be established and sending messages in no time. Depending on your needs there will be one of three routes for you to take:

  1. Use our Xenioo Conversational Platform to create WhatsApp chatbots, allowing for automated interactions with your customers.

  2. Integrate our WhatsApp Business API with your existing applications and get sending in no time at all.

  3. Send WhatsApp messages through LINK's own messaging platform, for those without integration wants or needs.


Omnichannel Engagement

Our Xenioo conversational platform solution is available for smart customer communications. Chatbots simplify communication with your customers and reduce the resources needed, whilst providing 24/7 customer support. LINK's Xenioo solution can automatically react to customer-initiated messaging providing answers in real-time.

Elect to also utilise AI to respond to customers when questions don't always fit the mould.


Extensive connection with the WhatsApp Business API

The WhatsApp Business API enables quick and easy integration of our mobile messaging solutions into your existing systems and applications.

For more technical details see blow or get in touch.

LINK Platform

Send messages directly from LINK's messaging platform

Our download-free service allows brands to set-up and send engaging content with ease.

  • Upload and manage your contacts

  • Design and create messages online

  • Send and review your results

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Feature-rich and memorable conversations

Create engaging and real conversations with customers and provide them with meaningful interactions with your brand.


You can have a real conversation with your customers on their preferred channel. The conversation can be initiated by the customer using various entry points (links, buttons, QR code) via emails, in apps, or via social media.


Our Xenioo conversational platform offers easy-to-use and intuitive chatbots using Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence to power your conversations. Create your own rules, obtain the all-important opt-ins, and engage your customers.

Rich Content

Rich content can be sent between you and your customer. Images, videos, and emojis can be used easily using a multimedia template and make messages even more attractive for your customers. It is also easy to personalize your content with stickers and branded content.

Simple API

With the WhatsApp Business API you can seamlessly integrate our messaging services into your existing systems.

Feature Rich

onfigure automated WhatsApp responses using a chatbot. Additional functionalities such as in-app payment or opt-in can also be easily integrated. Interactive buttons make it easy for customers.

Product Catalogue

Businesses using the WhatsApp Business API can showcase and share their products and services with customers for them to browse items and add to a cart without leaving the chat.

Bring your number

Already have a number? There is no need to change it as you can bring your own number to a new WhatsApp Business account, or port a number already in use with WhatsApp to LINK from your existing BSP.


Verifying your brand with WhatsApp allows your customers to be safe in the knowledge that your account is legitimate and adds trust between your brand and your customers.

The advantages of WhatsApp

Today customers expect fast and individualised customer service. With WhatsApp Business from LINK Mobility, you can offer a higher quality of service with real-time problem-solving and at the same time save costs and resources.

  • Customer service personally & directly via Messenger

  • Support of multimedia content

  • Entry into conversational commerce

  • In-App payment via link

  • Higher quality of service

  • Support customers via 1:1 chat & simultaneously

Youtube Media Embed

We would like to share content from Youtube with you. This however, will allow Youtube to place Cookies and track your behaviour on our site. Let us know if you want to allow Embeds from Youtube on our site.

Easily onboard with the embedded signup process

Embedded signup is a way for Business Solutions Providers (BSPs) like LINK to let businesses register for the WhatsApp Business Platform directly from their website. This streamlined onboarding flow simplifies the process to:

  • Reduce onboarding from days to minutes

  • Allow BSPs to onboard more clients

GDPR Compliance and Security

When acting in accordance with GDPR, companies are able to win consumers’ trust, boost brand reputation and increase loyalty.

GDPR at LINK Mobility:

  • All LINK activities take place in a private MPLS-network which is located within the EU.

  • Data anonymisation and pseudonymisation are always available to users, as well as information, data links and separation systems.

  • Appointment of a Data Protection Officer and conducting internal GDPR training each year. In addition, an external company audits our GDPR compliance and privacy policy.

  • Messages are available for 90 days in LINK systems. After that, data is anonymised and available for statistics and big data purposes. We also process data safely throughout our operations.

Click here to download LINK's GDPR and Privacy Guide.

WhatsApp FAQs

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