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WhatsApp: Where Businesses and Customers Click

WhatsApp’s Business Platform places your messaging right into the hands of your audience. Make the most of features such as videos, images and chatbot conversations to really capture their attention.

Getting started with WhatsApp

Discover how to get started with WhatsApp Business today. Our specialists will guide you every step of the way.

Integrate with WhatsApp's API

You don’t need any technical knowledge to get started. As an approved Meta, WhatsApp API provider once you’re on on board, we’ll help you get live and sending using the WhatsApp Business API.

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Build Templates

Create messages with ready-made tools such as forms to collect data and feedback , carousels to showcase products and services and even CTA buttons to encourage engagement. All through WhatsApp's Business platform.

Send with a Verified WhatsApp Business Account

Embrace the reach and impressive engagement enjoyed by thousands of brands already using WhatsApp. LINK will be here at every stage of your journey.

Benefit from WhatsApp Chatbot

Utilise MyLINKConnect, LINK’s chatbot technology, to manage two-way conversations in WhatsApp.

Benefits of WhatsApp Messaging

Why choose WhatsApp as your messaging channel? Create engaging and real conversations with customers and provide them with meaningful interactions with your brand.


With MyLINKConnect, create user journeys and responses to engage with your audience in a two-way format through WhatsApp.

Rich Content

Send images, videos, documents, emojis and more to engage your audience.

Simple API

With the WhatsApp Business API you can seamlessly integrate our messaging services into your existing systems.

Product Catalogue

Showcase products and services within WhatsApp's catalogue feature. Allow customers to add to a cart and share without leaving the chat.

Bring your number

Already have a number? There is no need to change it as you can bring your own number to a new WhatsApp Business account.


Verify your brand with WhatsApp to gain your green badge. Customers will interact with the knowledge that your account is legitimate.

How will you use WhatsApp?

With so many features it can be hard to know where to start!

As a WhatsApp Business service provider, let us help identify what works best for you. Speak with one of our advisors to learn more.

Future proof your communicationsUsed by billions worldwide, WhatsApp is showcasing the future of messaging potential.
Stop chasing customersMeet your customers where they like to be...on WhatsApp and enjoy read-rates you won't find else.
Enjoy competitive advantageNot all industrys and businesses have yet made the jump to WhatsApp. Get first mover advantage and experience now..

Want to learn more?

Our WhatsApp specialists are on hand to talk you through the process and get you live and sending in no time.

Discover the possibilities for your organisation today.

WhatsApp FAQs

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