Short codes

Memorable short mobile numbers to allow inbound communications to flow.

Memorable numbers
Increase response rates
Country specific codes
Gain opt-in consents

How do short codes help your business?

Short codes are shorter, usually between five to six digits in length than a traditional long number which is over ten digits in length. Short codes are country-specific and must be set up on the mobile network operators to ensure full coverage within a country.

Use cases:

  • Marketing & promotional activities

  • Surveys

  • Competitions

  • Event registrations

  • Information requests

  • Alerts and notifications

  • Two-factor authentication

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Dedicated vs shared shortcodes

A dedicated short code is unique to your organisation. The shortcode is set up specifically for your company. A shared short code is one that is shared amongst multiple organisations, and is differentiated between companies using unique 'keywords'.

How does this work?

Organisations may opt to have a 'unique company short code' which is shared among multiple campaigns. The keyword which is sent at the start of the text identifies which campaign the message belongs to and is distributed accordingly over the SMS API.

For example, customers could be asked to send 'info' at the start of their message. STOP and opt-out messages can be included.

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