Mobile Identity & Security

The humble mobile phone number holds greater power than it may first appear. The personal details held by such a number, along with data on its usage can support businesses as they look to combat fraud at scale.

Digital Transformation with Security in Mind

The UK alone already performs millions of security checks for customers every year. LINK’s mobile security solutions support all major UK MNO networks including Three, O2, EE and Vodafone. Through the use of LINK’s APIs, organisations can perform checks behind the scenes. This solution protects the customer experience and eliminates disruption in the customer experience.

Discover our security solutions below.

Advance with insight driven data too

Mobile HistoryIdentify when SIM cards have recently been changed
Mobile IdentityVerify customer authenticity against mobile operator verified data sources
TrackingSpot un-welcome trends in behaviour to adjust your performance.


A One Time Password (OTP) used to log into an account

  • A unique password for a single login session

  • Sent by SMS directly to a user’s handset

  • Sent automatically to devices

Adds an additional layer of authentication

Protects against unauthorised access

Justify legitimate account set-ups versus spam and fraudulent identity theft


2 Factor Authentication (2FA) for stringent but automated account security

  • Require 2 forms of identification to allow account access

  • Require a verification code received by SMS and an account password

  • Sent automatically to devices

✅ Enhanced security for all accounts

✅ Reduces risk of unauthorized account access

✅ Protecting against identity theft and fraud

SIM Swap

Use SIM swap data to protect against financial fraud

  • Get access to live SIM data behind the scenes

  • Recognise recent SIM Swap behaviour associated with a mobile number before sending any one-time passcode

  • Verify that customer phones have not been compromised

  • Make informed decisions on the risk of a transaction

✅ PSD2 compliant

✅ Data history available for better decision making

✅ Reduce fraud cost

✅ An extra layer of security for customer identity verification

✅ Build customer trust and confidence

Call Divert

Combat call forwarding fraud where criminals hide behind seemingly correct mobile numbers

  • Proactively recognise fraud before it is carried out

  • Identify a subscriber’s call forwarding status behind the scenes

  • Make informed decisions on live transaction risks

✅ Guard yourself and your customers against scams

✅ Check a number is active before reaching out

✅ Reduce fraud cost

✅ An extra layer of security for customer identity verification

✅ Build customer trust and confidence


Know Your Customer (KYC)

Conduct identity checks on demand, behind the scenes. Now required under PSD2

  • Make enhanced identity checks

  • Utilise mobile operator data for assured identification

  • Obtain fast verification of your customer’s identity details before any transaction or subscription

✅ A privacy-compliant solution to protect user data

✅ Enables you to build trust with customers

✅ Reduces exposure risk

✅ Providing identity confirmation from numerous sources

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