Viber Business Messaging

Engage your customers on their favourite channel using Viber Business to provide personalised communication.

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Because every communication matters

Over 1 billion users globally
Active & engaged audience
Direct marketing made easy
Automatic fallback to other channels

Business messaging on your customers' preferred channel

As one of the largest chat apps on the planet, Viber Business Messages should be an essential part of brands’ Conversational Commerce strategies. With over 1 billion users worldwide and over 7 million interactions every minute, Viber Business helps brands engage customers in a variety of ways from product discovery to customer care.

The advantages of Viber Business Messaging

Engage your audience

Make Viber chats personal, interact with customers and provide value to them in a brand-safe environment. Provide them with messages beyond basic SMS:

  • LINK's API can be easily integrated into your existing systems

  • Rich branded content

  • Interactive buttons and links

  • Live message status updates

  • Interactive content increases customer engagement

  • Creating personalized experiences for your customers

  • Two-way conversational messaging with the ability to provide real-time support

  • Understand the data: valuable insights and data capture to ensure campaigns are highly targeted and more effective

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Viber Business Messaging enriches interaction with customers


Viber creates high engagement scores with customers and increased customer satisfaction.


Messages can be both transactional or promotional – text only or include multimedia content like images, buttons, or stickers.


Enable two-way communication and user-initiated messages for improved customer care.

Power Search

With a power search, users can find your brand and start a direct conversation.


Automate your conversations using intuitive chatbots.


Personalized brand-to-consumer connections that are easy to use for brand awareness and loyalty solutions.

How do banks & financial institutions use Viber?

  • Credit information

  • Two-factor authentication (2FA)

  • Policy changes

  • Promotion of new banking services

  • One-time passcodes

  • Password and security reminders

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How do retail & eCommerce companies use Viber?

  • Product or service inquiries

  • Order updates

  • Purchase confirmations

  • Promotions

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How does the Travel & Hospitality industry use Viber?

  • Flight updates

  • Check-in notifications

  • Boarding passes

  • Booking confirmations

  • Reservation reminders

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How do Logistics firms use Viber?

  • Delivery scheduling

  • Delivery notifications

  • Shipment information

  • Delivery receipts

  • Taxi-booking confirmation

  • Order updates

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