Messages for Healthcare

How can a simple message drastically improve your service user and staff engagement?

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How to use messaging in healthcare

LINK's secure technology keeps your staff and service users updated with critical and essential information.

NotificationsScheduling, reminders, and info sharing
RemindersTimely prompts to confirm appointments
SurveysCollect data & feedback with ease
SupportReach customers easily on their mobiles

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Messaging and chatbots provide a wealth of flexible use cases to support organisations of any size.

Automated Appointments

Reduce no-shows and shorten waitlists with simple and automated appointment reminder messages. Why not also level-up your support by introducing appointment booking and management within your messaging journey's too?


Check-in with patients and staff in a timely manner. By automating this process, steer resources away from repetitive communication tasks and direct them to areas of greater need.

Automated messaging chatbot for a mental health check-in service

Recruitment Triaging

Constantly recruiting for roles with specific needs?

Use messaging to advertise roles and pre-screen applicants based on their qualifications and experience before they apply. This saves time for both parties and reduces business costs per application.

Automated recruitment chatbot example where chatbot confirms applicants experience and licences before applying for a role

Staff Communications

Use multimedia messaging to efficiently communicate with staff. Securely send files and documents for admin purposes or perhaps images and videos for training updates.

Timesheet reminder text message sent with CTA button to complete the documentation, followed by a confirmation message of completion.
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How to send with LINK

There are two ways to begin sending with LINK, to explore the best option for you, get in touch with our team today. Explore your options below:

Integrated API solution

Integrate our messaging solutions into your existing systems via API

Online platform

Upload your contacts and send messages online directly from our SMS portal.

"We've achieved an ROI of 11:1 within just 6 months after investing in LINK's chatbot solution"

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