Published on 2021-11-23

LINK Mobility integrated into Emarsys’ (SAP) omnichannel customer engagement platform

Today, we are delighted to announce our new relationship with Emarsys, an SAP company that empowers digital marketing leaders and business owners with the only omnichannel customer engagement platform built to accelerate business outcomes. Emarsys is the platform of choice for over 1,650 customers globally, delivering predictable, profitable outcomes that customers demand with highly personalized omnichannel experiences.

As an approved and integrated native SMS aggregator within the Emarsys platform, LINK enables both mobile terminated and mobile originated SMS messages within all the SMS modules of the platform. Within the platform, ad-hoc batch SMS campaigns are launched quickly and easily via one simple interface, with recurring and on-event transactional SMS messages being sent via Automation Center programs in a multichannel approach. Customers can benefit from out-of-the-box Emarsys features, like unsubscribe URLs, and inbound message keywords. The Emarsys platform, in combination with LINK’s expertise and experience in providing omnichannel solutions, allows Emarsys customers to focus on scalable, personalized interactions with their customers.

“We are delighted with our integration within the Emarsys platform as a native SMS aggregator. All Emarsys customers can benefit from LINK’s quality SMS services throughout the platform, allowing them to launch batch SMS campaigns or add transactional messages to existing Automation Center programs. We will continue to work with Emarsys to revolutionize the customer journey.” – Fredrik Nyman, Chief Commercial Officer for LINK Mobility Group

Kris Dimitroff, Global Head of Technology Partnerships at Emarsys said, “We have worked with Link Mobility on a commercial level for several years, to expand our collective footprint in the Nordics and globally. Now that our SMS integration is operational, we can drive predictable, profitable customer engagement results for our increasingly large cohort of brands using SMS.”