Published on 2020-10-02

LINK Mobility is category winner in Worldline e-Payments Challenge!

LINK Mobility took part in the Worldline e-Payments Challenge this year, winning first place in the consumer experience category.

The Winning Pitch

This year, the Worldline e-Payments Challenge moved online. Companies, primarily fintech, compete as well as work together to solve real life cases. There is also an open opportunity to come up with an innovative pitch in a specific category. LINK Mobility pitched Conversational Commerce that involved combined our various communication channels, CPaaS messaging platform, and integration with the Worldline payment platform. LINK entered the pitch in the consumer experience category.

The proposed product combined the power of LINK’s CPaaS capabilities, Worldline’s conversational platform (AI chatbot), and the Worldline Payment REST API to create a simple “chat, select, and pay” solution. In a customer service situation, customers never have to leave the selected channel they are in, leading to higher conversion rates and a new business vertical that is a hybrid between online and offline payments. With this pitch, LINK Mobility was the category winner for consumer experience.

Worldline about the e-Payments Challenge:

The e-Payments Challenge is Worldline’s online co-creation program focused on a data-driven cashless society. During this annual collaborative forum, customers work together with fintech start-ups in an accelerated effort to create solutions for today’s payment challenges and to substantially shorten the innovation-to-market cycle.