Published on 2021-09-16

LINK Mobility ‘Established CPaaS providers’ according to Juniper Research

LINK Mobility, a global Communications-Platform-as-a-Service (CPaaS) provider, has been ranked as an established leader by Juniper Research in its new CPaaS Competitor Leaderboard, affirming LINK’s position in the market.

The report features key players of the CPaaS market offering services beyond mere messaging, including multi-channel messaging, voice, push notifications, and email.

Juniper Research is a European-based provider of business intelligence, specializing in the communications sector, providing an independent and unbiased assessment of industry players. One of the report’s main takeaways is that CPaaS must provide managed services to international brands and enterprises, supporting a multitude of communication channels.

LINK scored highly in the leaderboard, with Juniper highlighting LINK’s integrations with Customer Relation Management (CRM) platforms such as Oracle, Salesforce, and Magento, as well as the ability to capitalize on the growth in Contact-Center-as-a-Service (CCaaS). Key acquisitions such as WebSMS, Marketing Platform, and Tismi in Europe, and Message Broadcast in the US, coupled with the expected closing of Soprano (H2,2021) put LINK in a prime position for growth and scale in the CPaaS landscape.

Sam Barker, Lead Analyst at Juniper Research remarked, “LINK Mobility’s recent movements in the CPaaS market indicate clear strategies to increase its standing in the CPaaS space. We have scored them highly for innovation and future prospects and expect them to grow further in this rapidly evolving market.”

“LINK is very pleased to be recognized as established leaders within the Juniper Research CPaaS leaderboard; it is a testament to the execution of our well-defined CPaaS strategy. LINK is at the forefront of the market in terms of innovation, technology, and customer support. The resulting growth in key markets driven by accelerated demand for new use cases contributed to our positioning.” – Fredrik Nyman, CCO for LINK Mobility.

Access to the LINK Mobility Juniper CPaaS Leaderboard report is available here, and for more information get in touch with us!