Published on 2022-01-27

LINK Mobility partnering with Selligent Marketing Cloud for RCS

LINK Mobility and Selligent Marketing Cloud take the next step in the omnichannel experience by integrating the RCS (SMS 2.0) channel into their platform.

Today we are delighted to announce that we are partnering with Selligent Marketing Cloud, an advanced SaaS omnichannel marketing platform to continue to deploy RCS messaging. With this partnership, Selligent becomes one of the first marketing automation platforms in Europe to make the RCS channel, the new generation of multimedia SMS, available to its customers.

Referred to as the successor of SMS or SMS 2.0, Rich Communication Services (RCS) refers to a message, available in the Android SMS messaging application, with enriched features, such as images, carousels, videos, maps, and call to action buttons. The rich feature set enriches the customer experience allowing brands to engage in conversations with their customers. RCS campaigns can provide an ROI (open rates, engagement scores, click rates) increase of +400% when compared to the same campaign on other channels.

Combined with Selligent’s advanced personalization capabilities, and integrated into an omnichannel strategy, RCS provides a powerful communications channel for marketing and transactional messaging. Example use-cases include showcasing product catalogues, presenting new products, and making appointments or confirming orders and deliveries.

Through this synergy with LINK Mobility, Selligent opens new communication opportunities for brands and marketers.

“As we are always listening to our customers, we are delighted to be able to offer RCS technology in our platform. This integration is part of Selligent’s innovative approach to enable our platform users to better meet consumer expectations for interactivity and immediacy,” says Alexei Kounine – VP of Product Management & Innovation at Selligent.

“As a leading CPaaS player in the French market, RCS (often called SMS 2.0) is at the heart of our omnichannel strategy. Thanks to this technology integrated within our platform connected to Selligent Marketing Cloud via a dedicated plug-in, LINK strengthens the performance of companies’ communication tools by enabling them to enrich the customer experience for consumers.” says Benoit Bole, COO LINK Mobility France