Published on 2021-05-20

TietoEVRY integrates LINK Mobile Invoice for easier payments

TietoEVRY has integrated LINK Mobility’s Mobile Invoice service into their system in order to offer corporate customers the opportunity to send out invoices directly to mobile phones.

Our Mobile Invoice product has been integrated with TietoEVRY’s Multichannel service to enable consumers to receive their invoices via SMS in collaboration with LINK Mobility Sweden. Multichannel offers a variety of channels for the consumer to receive and pay their invoice, which increases customer satisfaction as well as simplifies the payment process.

TietoEVRY contacted LINK with the goal of finding a well-functioning and secure payment service that could be integrated into their existing product. Their vision was to be able to offer their corporate customers a new distribution channel for invoices via the product Multichannel and streamline the payment process.

“We are very pleased with the integration between Mobile Invoice and TietoEVRY’s service. TietoEVRY’s corporate customers can easily access data both before and after invoicing, while giving the consumer the chance to pay quickly and easily directly on their mobile phone. It is clear proof that a full-scale integration provides great benefits for both companies and consumers,” says Frida Finnström, Managing Director at LINK Mobility Sweden.

How the integration works

Multichannel provides a variety of channels for its corporate customers to reach consumers. If an end customer chooses Mobile Invoice, they will receive an SMS with a link to a customized landing page with their graphic profile. On the landing page, in addition to the invoice information, it’s possible to obtain a copy of the original invoice. Once the consumer has chosen how they want to pay, they verify with Mobile Bank ID. The two payment methods offered in the integration with Mobile Invoice are bank payment and Swish.

TietoEVRY also offers a well-functioning fallback solution that ensures that the consumer will always receive their invoice. If an invoice cannot be sent out in the consumer’s desired channel, their system will note this and send out a paper invoice. As a result, the consumer does not risk missing the invoice due date, and the system provides increased security for both the company and the consumer.

“In the Nordic region, there are currently several different parallel trends and initiatives in areas such as invoicing and payment. These changes are both structural and behavioral. For us at TietoEVRY Billing & Invoice, it’s important that we’re always at the forefront in order to be able to offer our customers better and more efficient services to their customers. We’re now launching Mobilfaktura in collaboration with LINK Mobility. With Mobilfaktura, both consumers and companies get a quick and easy way to handle payments,” says Anna Kjellgren, Product Concept Manager at Billing & Invoice TietoEVRY.

“It feels very good that we have taken the next step in our partnership with TietoEVRY with this project. The collaboration has been successful from day one, and we’re so happy that TietoEVRY has now chosen to integrate another of our services. Mobile Invoice complements TietoEVRY’s offering with an efficient payment option. With this integration, we can work together to roll out the solution in several markets in the future,” Frida Finnström from LINK Mobility Sweden concludes.