2-Way Communication

Quickly communicate with automated messages that only require short and simple responses from your audience. Better yet, this is all available at your audience's fingertips.

Conversation support needs

Confirmation of bookings and appointments up to 72 hours before scheduled is proven to save organisations thousands of pounds in no-show costs and lost revenue.

Check in with your audience to make sure they are still able to attend and provide solutions to make adjustments where needed:

"REMINDER: You have a scheduled meeting at 2 pm on Tuesday 3rd March 2025.

You do not need to confirm your attendance, however, if you wish to cancel and re-book please respond to this message with 'CANCEL'"

Opt in / Opt out Notification

Often regulations require communication methods to have the recipient's approval first. Use SMS 2-Way technology to ask your audience if they would like to receive messages from you in this way.

"Thank you for signing up to our sale alert mobile messages, to opt out at any time simply reply 'STOP' to this message."

Easy to UseUsing direct and simple responses, your audience will be able to respond to your CTA with ease.
Any ChannelSend your message via any channel: SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram and more.
Staying MobileBy using mobile messaging, your recipients are 10x more likley to see and respond to your message compared to an email.
Data AccessTrack recipient responses and act accordingly without complicated processes.

Should you need to enhance your 2-Way communication with your audience, we recommend opting for our chatbot technology.

Whilst not always operating as the traditional chatbots we are familiar with, the technology behind chatbots enables you to continue a stronger back-and-forth conversation, still on any channel of your choosing.

To find out more click below to explore our Xenioo Chatbot page.

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