More than 20 years of experience within mobile communications have brought a wide range of products, services and solutions for a large number of customers, sectors and industries. This page lists how our services and products are used and how they can be applied.

A wide range of our customers use our services, solutions and products in very different ways in order to support their businesses and specific needs and goals. We therefore provide solutions for communication, marketing, payments, donations, ticketing, verification, M2M, alerts, loyalty programs, CRM etc.

Application areas

LINK Mobile payment

Fast, simple and secure With more than 20 years experience of the mobile markets, we know that mobile based payments enables a simple and time effective method of payment for your customers! LINK Mobility provides several different solutions to enable mobile payments for you and our experienced employees have firsthand knowledge of which payment solution that fits... Read more »

LINK SMS voting services

The ultimate way to engage your audience! Real time votes for national television or radio shows require special expertise and knowledge, to make sure that the votes are collected and handled correctly. LINK mobility hasbeen providing services for live votes for several years and holds massive experience in both SMS, IVR and app voting. Our... Read more »


Increase engagement for charity  When disasters strike, like earthquakes, tsunamis, famine or people fleeing from war zones, there is an urgent need for help. LINK Mobility is proud to deliver solutions that contribute to the work of charities and the reach of people in need fast. Charity organizations run on fundraising and a variety of situational based... Read more »


Be prepared for unexpected circumstances Sometimes it may be crucial to notify parts of the population about unexpected circumstances, such as the need to evacuate an area due to gas-leaks, terror threats or danger of avalanches, tsunamis  etc. Alert systems can also be used to inform citizens of certain areas about planned events.  If you... Read more »

LINK Mobile ticket

Simplify verification and the need for documentation  Mobile ticketing is a service that increases rapidly. Audience and travelers of today expects to be able to use mobile tickets as an alternative for paper tickets. In order to allow your customers to use mobile tickets you will need a real time solution to keep track of... Read more »


Make your customers feel special! Today people value their mobile phones higher than their wallets. Most people carry their phones with them everywhere they go. No other marketing is more on target than mobile marketing. Allow your customers to join a loyalty program and thus to receive offers and information about your products directly to their... Read more »

LINK CRM system


Be sure to work with updated data! Every CRM system of today need to focus on the mobile aspect. LINK mobility can help your business with a mobile solution for your CRM system , we can also assist your business in a better end user experience for your CRM system. If you’re using a global service provider for... Read more »

LINK mobile campaigns

Bring your communication closer to your consumers Today’s society demands fast and efficient communication and customers like to choose for themselves what they wish to receive information about. Anyone that works with campaigns knows the need of a mobile element. It’s a critical success factor for all campaigns because the mobile phone has become the primary communication device... Read more »

Mobile verfications

The fastest way to enter your systems Identification is important!  Recent surveys confirm that most people value their mobile phone higher than their wallet. Therefore, using the mobile phone for verification has become an efficient tool for a great number of industries.   LINK Mobility’s solutions for verification are integrated in a huge range of internal... Read more »

LINK Mobility Sales

Increase your sales substantially! Effective and clever use of value adding mobile services will contribute to an increase of your sales. Mobile services make your customers feel valuable and special! Provide your customers with status messages for scheduled delivery time, or allow them to rate their experience of your business for further improvement. By using... Read more »


Be informed – anywhere in the world! Operation centers all over the world have a critical need for instant and updated communication. This can be a real challenge, especially if the operation centers are located in different countries and time zones. LINK mobility has many years of experience of global work with for instance banks... Read more »


Manage your events effectively  When you arrange an event, it’s important to have internal and external communication channels that work instantly. LINK can provide solutions for signups, registration upon entry, internal and external updates in case of  changes in schedules, as well as services for voting and providing feedback for the event. You can also control... Read more »

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