Authentication and OTP

Safeguard your business.

Easily integrate solutions to reliably confirm identities that authenticate your users. Provide protection for you and your customers.

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Verify and protect

Verification can take place on channels such as SMS, WhatsApp, Viber, and others. This makes it simple for customers to verify their identity for their accounts. Messages are sent quickly so that log-in is easy or action can be taken immediately in instances of fraud.

How does this work?

Two-factor authentication is a standard procedure when registering and processing new users, payments, and transactions. As the digitalization trend continues, consumers expect this level of authentication to ensure their data is secure.

OTP, or 'one-time-passcodes' is a code which is sent to a user to verify identity. OTPs are usually only valid for a short period of time. A common use case is for banks and financial institutions to send an OTP to a user who must populate the received OTP into the platform to verify a transaction.

One Time Password Text Example with Code that Expires in Five Minutes

Implementing Authentication and OTPs

SMS for time-sensitive authentication

When delivery is critical, SMS is the channel of choice. It is ubiquitous meaning data connections are not required. SMS messages are delivered in a handful of seconds, ensuring user identities can be verified quickly.

Authenticate New Users

Ensure your platforms are safe from spam and bot attacks by implementing phone number verification during the onboarding process.

Safeguard Transactions

Additional layers of security can be quickly added to verify logins and account transactions by sending a simple OTP.

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WhatsApp for authentication

Fully encrypted and verified senders generated trust. Sending OTPs on the channel of choice for customers makes the customer journey seamless. Quick and reliable verification process.

Customer experience

Rich features of WhatsApp provide additional engagement opportunities for users in a seamless way. Offer additional support to users by building in added AI and chatbot functionality to complete the customer experience.

Omnichannel engagement

Allow the conversation to flow where it started, or switch to another channel. Provide your customers with the choice.

Google Verified SMS

Google Verified SMS is a feature on top of standard A2P SMS messaging. It is perfect for enhancing trust with your users so they're safe in the knowledge that the message is from a trusted vendor. Account security is a concern for customers, so receiving a verified SMS with the OTP can help instill this trust.

Branded touchpoints
By using Google Verified SMS for authentication and verification there are additional benefits: adding your brand to your message helps to reinforce brand awareness and recognition.

Easily implement this using our API.

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Authentication on the user's preferred channel

With more businesses digitalising their processes, the need for authentication has increased significantly. Ensure your customer and user data is secure by providing verification steps throughout the customer journey. Trust can be established through a verification process when logging into online portals, making transactions online, or onboarding new customers and users who now expect verification steps as part of the process.

Authentication and verification can be done on multiple channels, for example, SMS, WhatsApp, Email, and more.

Ease of integration

Ensure your systems are secure with our easy to integrated with our APIs.

Authenticate users

Protect your systems and platforms in a GDPR compliant way.

Global Scale

No matter where your customers are based, choose their channel of choice.

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